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Jan 12, 2021


SEO Searchlight / Listener Mail: Matt and George answer, "I found your recent show about redesigning your website very interesting, thank you. My question is about Google Ads. I'm currently paying Google for the keyword "jewelry stores" because I can't seem to get people to my website any other way. Is this a problem with my SEO or does it mean I should redesign my website?" -- Frank, Houston TX

+ Rethink Your Design: preventing the bounce & What's Hot and Not for Homepage Trends

+ Social Media Watch: Private Sector companies like Twitter and Parler are under examination for their terms of service, which may have a rolling effect on how we use social media

It’s time for the retail jeweler to embrace online sales to match customer expectations.  There’s more to it than just setting up an online catalog.  In this podcast we explore all the things jewelers should be doing if they hope to have a thriving online presence.  This is the podcast with Matthew Perosi and George Blair IV. (recorded January 12, 2020)

Please visit to ask questions, suggest topics, and see our citations for some of the things we reference in this episode.  This podcast is a production of Jeweler Websites Inc.