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Dec 18, 2020


a) Introduction: George and Matt chat recent Black Friday buys.

b) Industry News / Headlines: Matt goes through the latest editions of InStore Magazine and Southern Jewelry News as retail stores prep for the winter holidays.

c) Fitting It Together: An Inox Jewelry ad features a QR code with an unexpected result;  we talk landing pages and link-trees and how they can be used effectively in social media like Instagram.

Websites are often thought to be cold and unfeeling. As the website owner you need to offer online services which mimic the same level of customer service that you offer in your store. Jewelers often overlook the small and subtile things which elevate you from an uncaring selling site to one that’s shows you care about your shoppers. How is this done? That’s what this podcast is all about. (recorded December 14, 2020)

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